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From Shillong – Rhino Point:  Drive up road as if going to Cherapunjee.  When you Reach Air force Base  (Eastern Air Command), go about 200m - and see fork in road.   Straight – goes to Cherrapunjee – do not go straight - you should turn to Right, to the far right also is road to go to Elephant Falls (do not go down that one).

  • You will see a sign with directions to various places.  You should follow directions to Mawphlang.  First from this turn go about 10 km to village of Mawngap – this is a main intersection. 
  • Keep going straight another 4 km (you will pass – PHE –Public Health Engineer - along the way.)
Along the way from turn near Airforce Base you will have passed 3 Petrol Pumps – India Oil – Assam Oil – and Indian Oil.
  • You will come to Mawphlang and again a Fork in Road.  At Mawphlang you will see sign to go to Sacred Forest – don’t go there, you will turn right at Fork on road that goes to Mawsynram

After reaching flat area (about 3 km from Mawphlang), drive slowly, you will pass a broken bus shed, another 100 metres or so you will see a small MP sign on Electric Post, here is the dirt road you follow for about 400metres to football field and then our place across the river..  

** Note the house to the left.