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Before you decide to come to MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast

you should likely think about a few things:


As a family we decided to set up MaplePine Farm, something a little different and new for Meghalaya.  We decided to struggle for a couple years to build it ourselves.  We started out living in tents in the middle of winter here at 1680 metres elevation, cold freezing nights but beautiful sunny days.  Many people did and still do not understand what we are doing and what we are hoping for.

MaplePine Farm is somewhere between camping, bed & Breakfast, home stay experience and a lodge.  We do have comfortable rooms and beds, but we are not going to bring your food to your room; we have a dining room for that, where all can eat and meet.

We do have toilets and a sink for the room, cabin 1 and 2 have attached bath and toilet – Twin Cabin Rm 1 and 2 you will have to go to a Shower room.

As for the nature of the property, that is exactly it, it is about nature. We certainly don’t mind a little drinking and a good time. We do mind and others may mind loud music and somebody just coming to party.  Imagine if you went someplace for a quite tranquil time and somebody else had some loud Hindi music on and singing and dancing, not really what one would wish for.  We are basically a getaway, your mobile network might not work too well, and you might not get fast internet connection.  But you will get a break from all that might have been stressing you out.

We expect mutual respect, for person and property. We do not have a large full time staff to run around for your orders.  We treat the workers we have very much like family and ask that our clients treat them so as well.

As for food, we can do a lot of things and give you good food.  But we cannot have you arriving and order this and that on the spot.  Given enough time we can do it.  So please don’t expect that you are coming to a resort where when you arrive you can just have this and that, there and then.

So, basically, if you read the above and feel comfortable, then MaplePine Farm. Then we are here to host you and share an enjoyable experience.


MaplePine Farm New Understanding:

  1. We will not be taking booking for groups of more than 4 who are just coming for one night. (2 night’s minimum stay).
  2. Exceptions for people we know or who are coming to relax for the day or afternoon and spend the night. Have preordered lunch/dinner – like a family outing or similar.
  3. Exceptions for Groups, such as Domestic and International Travellers moving around.
    1. We do still recommend groups stay for at least two nights to appreciate the surroundings, especially if you arriving late in the afternoon or evening.
  4. We also don’t take requests for 2 hours or just the afternoon by couples..

** Why:  we have found that most groups who come just for one night are coming just to drink, party and eat late.  They rarely show much appreciation for the food my wife lovingly cooks nor the surroundings.  We are not really a place to just crash – lots of Hotels in Shillong or Guwahati to do that.