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We consider our time valuable

When a time is set for meal we stick to it (unless there are unavoidable circumstances). So when you say 8:30 and you decide to have another drink or go for a bath, most likely your food is getting cold on the table.



 RS. 200. FOR BASIC BREAKFAST AFTER THIS TIME (Toast and Egg with Tea).

 Complimentary Breakfast ( one item from below)

 • Toast and Eggs

 • Pancakes

 • French Toast

 • Home Fried Potatoes and Eggs


  •  You can have Red Tea, Milk Tea.  Coffee is Complimentary for Cabin 1 and 2, extra charge for Twin Cabins.
  • Extra orders are charged – like Milk or Hot Chocolate.
  • Orders should be placed the night before.


DINNER (Simple Dinner) - Special Meals are below

(We serve Simple Dinner if you have not ordered ahead of time)

VEGETARIAN: Rice, Dal, Vegetables, Salad Rs. 200./meal (if you want Roti you need to let us know ahead of time).

NON VEGETARTIAN:  Meat (Pork or Chicken), Rice, Dal, Vegetables and Salad:  Rs. 275./meal (if you want Roti you need to let us know ahead of time).

  Between 7:00 and 8:30 pm    If you eat later, that is up to you, but please don't complain if it is cold..  We serve hot food at the time we put it out.



We consider MaplePine to be a bed and Breakfast - we do not do lunch except for Sandwiches on occasion, and that only if you have informed us ahead of time..

There are several Khasi Tea and Rice Shops around the villages that provide good food.



Your choices could be:


 ** We need to be told ahead of time for special meals, Like Roast, Barbecue, Khasi Meal etc.




Our Special Khasi Meal – Jadoh (meat flavoured rice, with Ginger and other spices), a meat (either Chicken or Pork), cooked vegetable, raw

vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes etc.), Khasi chutneys


Barbecue – Pork or Chicken, Mashed Potatoes or Rice, Salad and Stir Fried Vegetables


Oven Roasted Chicken - Chicken roasted in Oven, served with mashed potatoes or Rice, vegetables and Salad.

** If 1 or 2 person – roast is on Stove top in Pan.





Coffee 30
Milk Tea 20
Red Tea 15
Hot Chocolate 40
Coffee 30



Vegetable Pakora 80
Grilled Cheese and Tomato 70
French Fries 80



Chicken/Pork Barbecue Platter 350.
Chicken/Pork Strips 375.