MaplePine Bed and Breakfast:

“Not much to do, except moving in the outdoors”

our motto:  ‘Tread softly, lest you destroy that which you so desperately seek’


Each cabin in all its imperfections was built by us with our own hands.  We have not taken help or even been offered help from the Tourism Department.   We are loan free and obligation free.

The only outside help, and we did not ask for it, but will always be grateful; is the Renewable Energy System that we have.  That was a series of 16 Pilot Projects done in Meghalaya by the Meghalaya Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Department.

We spent 2 months (Dec and January) as a family in 2011; our youngest son was 8 months old, building the first cabin.  We stayed in tents, enjoying the cold temperatures and working in the day.  This was done before we had power.  After that we got power and were able to build faster.

Now we keep improving on what has been build, it is not our goal to make a big commercial property.  For all the business people or want to be resort owners, who suggest we make a road, put a big sign, add more cabins: we may or may not do some of them, but even if we do it will be at our pace.

If coming to a place and realizing it is quiet and peaceful, but at the same time suggesting that it was difficult to find and we should put a Big Sign near the road, or coming to a place in an expensive Scorpio or other SUV and saying we should make a better road; then it is not what we are, and maybe you took a wrong turn way down near the Umiam Lake and should have gone to a ‘Resort.’

Each day in many of our lives, we are busy, running around, we are here to help you relax a little.  We do not claim to be something we are not nor do we wish to make people to come to something they do not want to come to.  We are here as we are, if you like it tell others, if you don’t:  you likely came to the wrong place.



A Little about our Power System:

We are completely off Grid.

· Solar and Wind energy, which is stored in batteries.

· Batteries get depleted.

We ask that you be conscious of how you use the energy.

· Turn lights off when you leave the cabin. (at night you may leave the outside light on.)

· Turn lights off when you sleep, we have no ghosts that might be lurking, and if they are they prefer light.

· Do not plug high energy equipment in – like immersion heaters, electrical kettles, electric heaters etc.

Our system is capable of producing up to 10kw of energy if all is perfect; Wind is high and Sun is shining.  The Solar Panels are capable of up to 3.6 Kw and each Windmill up to 3.2 Kw.  The energy produced from both these is stored in 72 Batteries – It is from these batteries that we draw our energy.  It goes to an Inverter as DC current at 48 volts.  It is then converted to AC current; a transformer raises the output to 220 volts.

Our output potential is up to 5kw, so we cannot have too many high energy products on at the same time.  We ourselves run our fridge, TV, induction cooker and other small electric items on this power.


We can’t provide hot water in each and every cabin, which is why we have a common shower room with the Solar Water Heater.  Most times there is sufficient hot water, but because it is dependent on Sun, if there is not much sun then the hot water is less.  Please use hot waters judiciously so it does not run out, you can have a nice bath without much hot water use.    If at times there is not hot water in the Solar system, we can provide a bucket of hot water (however do give us time) Water does not boil instantly.