For us travel is not about filling a holiday with sightseeing, it is about the experience of being.  

We support the business generated by the Travel industry and are not against sightseeing.  It is just that if you are travelling with us, that is not what we do.

If you are wanting a 5 day trip going to the most commonly mentioned places in Meghalaya–:  Shillong, Sohra, Dawki, Mawlynnong etc.  We are not saying don’t go, in fact you should go, they are beautiful places and are building a reputation of their own as sightseeing destinations.  However, why pay us to go to these places, there are great Taxi drivers in Meghalaya who can show you these places.

What we are doing is very limited and customized, less of an itinerary, more of an experience.. If you are looking for something a little different then we are ready to do it with you.  We will take you on that hard trek, or gentle walk, relax in the forest or by a waterfall, climb that hill..  

Contact us and then we can email back and forth and discuss.  


We travel with small groups

Sometimes stay in villages, guesthouses, home stays and the odd hotel here and there if necessary.

If you want to start a conversation, email us  with your details, ages, your perceived fitness level, your experiences, what you want to get out of the trip.  

Most importantly the number of days you have (from arrival in Shillong, to departure from Shillong).