Cultural Pursuits Adventures

Cultural Pursuits coordinates alternative and customized travel in North East India. Our expertise includes village stays, hiking, trekking, documentary ground work, Journalist’s, research and national parks.

Cultural Pursuits is now concentrating on our property outside of Shillong,  we do continue to offer customized trips, organized, based on mutual understanding between us and the client.

MaplePine Farm Bed and Breakfast – Is a small family Bed and Breakfast, we operate a little differently than others so sometimes your expectations may not be met if you do not know about us or understand what we are doing.

With a little research and reading you will understand what we are doing.  If after that you feel comfortable coming to stay, we welcome you.

Please do read about MaplePine Bed and Breakfast by following the link below.. read more


Tread Softly, Lest you destroy that which you so desperately seek;